About Us

Jenny Battig, CIHt, is the owner of EPIC Renewal, LLC, and the inspiration behind Hypno Huddles. Jenny got her Bachelor’s Degree from Wright State University in Human Factors Engineering, then worked as an engineer, helping design the interfaces between humans and the systems and products they used to be more efficient and safe, for over 10 years. She also played volleyball at Wright State and has been a coach for high school, club, and junior college levels. After having her own successful experience with hypnotherapy, and reading some books on similar topics, Jenny was inspired to become a hypnotherapist herself so she could make a bigger impact on people’s lives. She left her job as an engineer at a Fortune 500 company to start her own practice as a hypnotherapist and worked with hundreds of clients to help them with a wide variety of issues that they wanted to overcome, including: quitting smoking, reducing their alcohol intake, starting healthier habits (e.g., physical activity, healthy eating), overcoming phobias, reducing the impact of anxiety, depression and stress, ending repetitive/self-defeating cycles in their lives, improving their ability to focus for tests or sporting events, even finding things they couldn’t remember what they did with them.

Jenny is excited about bringing her unique set of skills, training and experience to new audiences, across the country and across the world, as an “Inner Space Engineer” to help clients design, achieve and maintain the happier, healthier lives they desire and deserve by unleashing the power and potential of their own subconscious!

For even more information on Jenny (including testimonials from some of her hypnotherapy clients), check out hypnotherapybyjenny.com