Hypno Huddles(TM)

Hypno HuddlesTM are a group setting allowing the Hypno Therapist/Coach to educate and apply hypnotherapy techniques that help propel the entire group forward towards a common goal. You can think of it as similar to when athletic teams come together in a huddle to discuss strategies and plans to be successful… at the beginning of a sporting event, during time outs or other breaks during the event, and even at the end to celebrate!

Hypno HuddlesTM can be done in person (when scheduled in advance in a facility that can accommodate the group) or can be done virtually (typically via zoom), or a combination of the two. One common aspect of Hypno HuddlesTM is the creation of a hypnotic recording for everyone in the huddle to take with them (electronically) so they can use the recording to reenforce the subconscious reprogramming needed to help make the changes they need to be successful in reaching their goal! Hypno HuddlesTM also help with accountability and making adjustments, applying new tools as needed when new challenges are discovered.

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